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The Association of Museums & Heritage of Curaçao (AMHC) is the only organization on Curaçao that represents museums and cultural heritage.

“Your donation will play a crucial role in supporting the programs and opportunities offered by AMHC annually.

With your contribution, we can effectively pursue our mission and goals, while also fostering greater awareness of museums and heritage across our island.”

How your donation is helping

  • Data Collection: AMHC gathers and analyzes data on our local museums.
  • Professional Sessions & Workshops: We host two professional sessions and workshops, featuring experts from both within and outside the museum field.
  • Advocacy: AMHC educates local politicians and stakeholders on the significant impact of our museums on our community.
  • Museum Week: Annually, we organize Museum Week, filled with engaging activities to inspire visitors.”

To make a donation, you can:

Transferí sèn direktamente na nos kuenta di banko:

Association of Museums & Heritage of CuracaoJohan van Walbeeckplein 13MCB #: 30870903

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