Museo di Tambú Shon Cola

Tambú Museum Shon Cola is a museum that highlights the history of the tambú and is located in a historic house, the Kas di Kaha, which is a traditional building style, especially in Bándariba (the East side). The collection provides information on the history of the tambú, among others the spread of the tambú from Curaçao to Bonaire, Aruba, Las Tunas in Cuba, Coro in Venezuela and Holland. The collection also includes Africanism in Curaçao, the origin of the native language “Papiamentu”, tambú rituals, the organology of the tambú, the repression and resistance of the tambú. Surrounded by nature and traditional outdoor ovens with freshly baked bread on Sundays.

Museum Logo
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  • Address
    Museo di Tambú Shon Cola, Kaya Sabana baka, Willemstad, Curazao
  • Phone Number
    +(5999) 696 3204
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  • Opening Hours
    Monday: Closed Tuesday-Saturday: By Appointment
  • Admission:
    Adults : $ 10 Children (6 - 12 yrs) : $ 5 Children (0 – 5 yrs) : Free
  • Locals with ID
    Adults: : ANG. 10,00 Children (6 - 12 yrs) : ANG. 5,00 Children (0 – 5 yrs) : Free
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