from 16th of May
useum Week 2025

Bon bini na Museum Week 2025!

Banda di 16 te ku 19 di mei nos ta selebrá e Dia Internashonal di Museo. E aña aki, nos ta kontentu di anunsiá ku e tema ta Investigashon i Edukashon, ku ta enfoká riba e ròl vital ku museo ta hunga den fomentá siña i kurashi.

Durante Museum Week 2025, nos ta enfoká riba kreashon di eksperensia di siña pa tur edat. Nos meta ta pa inspira tur generacion di pensadornan, innovadornan y solucionadornan di problema door di e poder di educacion di museo.

Marka bo kalèndernan i bira parti di Museumweek 2025 – kaminda edukashon ta reuní ku inspirashon!

Deskubrí, eksplorá i sostené nos museo! Hasi un zundra den un mundu di konosementu i partisipá na un biahe eksitante den diferente museo. E aña aki, cada museo ta trese un quiz of un buskeda di tesoronan unico, agregando un capa extra di diversion na bo bishita. Hasi bo mes konosí ku historia, arte i kultura, mientras bo ta partisipá na un eksperensia di siña interaktivo. Huntu ku nos nos ta selebrá nos herensia riku i traha memorialnan ku lo dura un bida largu. Bishitá nos museo awe mes!

KI ora?

for di 16 pa 19 di mei.

Museum week 2024

Un bishita na un museo ta un buskeda di bunitesa, bèrdat i sentido den nos bida. Bai museo mas tantu ku bo por.

Maira Kalman

Join us from May 16th to May 19th for the annual International Museum Day. This year, we are pleased to announce that the theme is Research and Education, which focuses on the vital role museums play in fostering learning and curiosity.

For more information send an email to:

Museum week 2024

Come and support our Museums:

Check out our activity calendar to see all the planned activities:
We are launching the campaign “learn something new”. Visit and discover a new museum for your self in the Museumweek 16 – 19 may. Share one thing that you learned or discovered in a
museum and post it online: tag museumsofcuracao and use the hashtag #museumsofcuracao.

You can win nice prices.

Check the Museum page for info about the Museum you want to visit (Opening hours & entrance fees)

We can’t wait to welcome you

#museumsofcuracao #supportourmuseums

Activities you can do this museumweekend!

There are exciting activities happening in most of the museums and the activities are mostly included in the price. Here’s a sneak peek into the exciting activities happening:

Guided tours:
Uncover the island’s diverse cultural past with guided tours through one of our fascinating museums: Mongui Maduro Museum 10.00 am, Jewish Cultural Historical Museum 2.00 pm, Curaçao Postal Museum.

It’s not just for adults—it’s a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in exciting and educational activities too. Explore the Children’s Museum Curaçao, discover the world of sharks at Carmabi Marine Education Center or take a family tour with Maritime Museum in the harbor.

Maritiem Museum – Contact and make a reservation for the famous harbor tour, an exiting trip not to be missed. On one of the authentic harbor ferries you get to experience Willemstad from the water. One of our tour guides will tell you all about the history of the Saint Anna Bay, the floating bridge, the “Handelskade”, the harbor and more. Ticket fee is NAf. 35,- ($20) for adults and 27,- ($16) for kids 3 till 12 year. Reserve your spot at (+5999) 465-2327, Whatsapp (+5999)526- 1983 or

Step into the fascinating world of education and exploration this year with the theme of “Education and Research” guiding your museum adventures! Dive deep into the wealth of knowledge waiting to be uncovered at various museums across Curacao.

Experience a unique twist on learning with interactive quizzes and treasure hunts offered by Maritiem Museum, Jewish Museum, Mongui Maduro Museum, Museo Vikto Bartolomeus, Yubi Kirindongo, Kura Hulanda, and Children’s Museum Curaçao. And just behind these, don’t miss out on Museo di Korsou, which will host three captivating exhibits sure to broaden your horizons.

But the learning doesn’t stop there! Join the vibrant social media campaign, “Learn Something New,” where you can share your museum discoveries with the world. Simply post about one fascinating thing you learned or unearthed during your museum visit, tag @museumsofcuracao, and include the hashtag #museumsofcuracao. By participating, not only do you contribute to a community of lifelong learners, but you also stand a chance to win some fantastic prizes! So, let’s embark on this journey of discovery together, enriching our minds and spreading the joy of learning far and wide.

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