Welcome to the Museums of Curaçao

Visit and explore the Museums in Curaçao, offering a rich tapestry of history, culture, and aspirations. With over 20 diverse options, immerse yourself in our colorful, intercultural community. Whether delving into the past, experiencing the present, or envisioning the future, each museum promises valuable insights and maybe even a personal discovery.


What to do

Explore our world through your senses. Engage in the activities and workshops our museums offer. We delight in sharing our cultural treasures and welcoming you in. Experience our music, customs, food, traditions, crafts, and arts, and enjoy a close encounter with the people of Curaçao. Don’t miss our annual Museum Week in May, brimming with exciting activities.

Museum week 2024

Where to find us

It’s time to explore Curaçao. Pick a museum. Click on our digital map to find their location, opening hours, entrance fees, and other details. Feel like visiting more than one a day? Explore our museums divided by regions and sample routes to optimize your visit.

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