Welcome to the Museums of Curaçao

Wanna get to know us? Visit our museums to explore our past, our present and our future. Curaçao has over 20 different museums to offer you insights in the colorful, intercultural people that we are. You might even discover something new about yourself.

Where to find us

It’s time to explore Curaçao. Pick a museum. Click on our digital map to find their location, opening hours, entrée fees, and opening hours. Feel like doing more than one a day? Check out our museums divided by regions and our sample routes to optimize your visit.


What to do

Explore our world through your senses. Join the activities and workshops our museums have in store for you. We love to share our cultural secrets and gladly let you in. Experience our music, customs, food, traditions, crafts, and arts, and enjoy an up-close and personal encounter with the people of Curaçao. Check out our yearly Museumweek in May, which is full of exciting activities.

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